What We Do

A Flavor Of Honey assists Small to Mid-Size Companies with Designing and Executing Customized Business Development, Sales & Online Marketing Processes. We combine Online Marketing (Web Design, SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing) tactics with Offline Business Development and Sales Techniques (Relationship Building, Sales Process, Message Development) to Deliver Increased Brand Awareness, Develop Referral Producing Business Relationships, and Grow Sales Revenue.

We use Existing Company Assets and Leverage Company Strengths in Designing these Customized Revenue-Generation Processes because we believe each Company's Strategy should be Unique based on their People and Resources. We Offer 3 Different Service Options for Businesses who feel we may be the right fit for them...

Our Philosophy

We believe that Sales, Marketing, and Service have fused. And that Customer and Provider Win when Consistency in Message and Action is Delivered from Marketing to Sales to Service. We believe in Positive Message Marketing. We believe in Marketing and Sales decisions being made in collaboration with Accounting and Service departments. And we believe that better Marketing, Business Development, and Sales Processes can lead to a better experience for both the Customer and Provider.

Who We Work With

We Specialize in working with Companies that Sell a Higher-Cost (Non-Commodity) Product or Service, in which an Offline Business Development or Sales Component is a Necessary Part of the Purchasing Process. We Report Directly to the Executive Team or Ownership, Developing Strategy that is well understood at the Executive Level and Approved with Company Decision Maker Involvement. 

Our Competition and Partners

We are Not a Digital Marketing Agency. We prefer to work with Digital Marketing Agencies, when the case calls for it, to Enhance their Efforts in Creating Inbound Leads and Optimize the Company's Conversion Rates. We Excel in Working with Accounting Partners as we look not only to Increase Company Revenue but to also Increase the Company's Profit Margins where possible. And we Welcome the Opportunity to work with all levels of Business Advisors, from Attorneys to Business Bankers who may have keen insight into the Potential Optimal Revenue Generation Strategy we work to Design. 


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