Sales & Marketing Process Audits

The CEOs, Managers, and Business Owners we serve know there's room for improvement in their revenue generation process but aren't always sure where to start. Do I invest in Sales? SEO? Email Marketing? 

We have the ability to help.

Our diagnostic process reviews your existing Business Development, Sales & Marketing Strategy (if one exists - often enough we see a collection of marketing tactics that have been tried but forgotten) through a combination of one on one interviews with ownership and/or applicable management staff and an audit of existing marketing, content, and people resources. 

We produce a report as a deliverable that outlines our findings and recommendations, as well as some budgetary options you'd have with us if A Flavor Of Honey were your choice to execute on any or all of the series of recommendations we've outlined in our report. 

The categories we dive into during our diagnostic review are:

Web Design 


Email Marketing 

Social Media (including online review sites) 

Business Development


Content (both online content and traditional marketing materials) 


If you'd like to explore whether a Sales & Marketing Process Audit would be the right fit for you and your company, please contact us by phone or use the form below to send us a message. Thank you. 

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