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What makes a sale is trust - and the higher the price for the product or service you charge, the more trust is required


The Companies We Serve tend to sell higher priced products or services. 

The higher the price of the purchase, the more trust a potential customer requires of the provider before purchasing.

The more trust required, the more upfront research is done by the prospective client, and the more criteria needs to be satisfied by the provider up front during the buying process.

You can't sell a high-quality product or service through a low-quality sales experience.

We design business development, sales & marketing processes that merge together as a sales experience ecosystem, so that each potential customer goes through the same high-quality experience no matter if their first contact with the company is online or offline.  

Business Development 

Some people in the business world confuse Business Development for Sales, but in fact, the two are separate. 

Business Development is the action of building strong business relationships that inevitably lead to more increased sales via referrals or recommendations.   

At A Flavor Of Honey, we focus on referral relationships. We believe that all potential customers seek out references and referrals from trusted business advisors when making a significant purchase.  We look for those companies and individuals that would be strong strategic partners to our clients and develop a process by which we can deliver value to them. Often these processes include both an online and offline work component. 

Building offline relationships supports the other two areas of work we're concentrating on, Sales and Online Marketing. 


On a daily basis, companies spend large sums of money on marketing to bring potential customers into the prospect pipeline, only to lose them during the actual sales component of the process. 

We develop prospect qualification criteria, sales talk tracks, and build the entire sales process for the companies we serve. 

We have the ability to jump in and handle sales transactions for companies, or help to manage those tasked with doing so. Companies that reach out to us to tackle these tasks are usually concerned with flagging sales numbers and are trying to figure out how to grow them. 

Establishing and Executing a Business Development or Sales Process is a highly customized feat as every business is different, sells different products and services, and has different people resources and business philosophies. An in depth diagnostic and exploration is required before entering into such a business relationship. 

Online Marketing

We live in an age where more than half of the purchasing decision has been completed online by the prospective customer before they even make contact with a potential product or service provider. We focus on four main areas of Online Marketing:

Web Design

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media

Email Marketing

Though the processes we design from client to client may be different in each of these areas, our goals are always the same. Be visible, be valuable, be impactful. 

From developing schedules, to building content, to adjusting design, we look at each of these components of online marketing as a means to drive more prospective customers into the sales funnel and deliver value to existing clients, potential clients, and business development partners alike. 



As you can imagine, the ability to pair both marketing and sales, online and offline techniques, can create a stand out dynamic that has the ability to aggressively increase lead flow for sales teams.

These processes are designed for small to mid-sized companies that can handle aggressive sales flow and are committed to making a significant investment to do so. Often times, but not always, such companies possess a small sales staff and are looking to create more lead flow and relationship introductions for their sales professionals, or develop a progressive sales & marketing program that can be executed by their team given the appropriate coaching and management.

We also have the ability to step into a sales role and execute the processes and strategies we develop for our clients in the right fit situation.

We’re available to you to discuss your thoughts on how we might be able to impact your company today. And we're looking forward to the conversation.

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