Consulting/Project Management


Does it seem as though the addition of just a dash of input from a marketing professional from time to time could help you collect your thoughts and put your marketing program over the top?



People hear terms like Blogging, Social Media, or SEO, and the idea sounds great but they lack too many details to be comfortable going all in with their time or money. Or perhaps its the Sales portion of the business that just needs some more understanding.

We have the ability to help.

Whether it be Online Marketing or Sales and Business Development Topics, we can serve in an advisory capacity to help put the revenue generating sector of your business over the top. 

We serve Owners and Executives across a multitude of industries, leading businesses of all sizes, and we excel in articulating Sales and Marketing aspects to Ownership and C-Suite Professionals.

Project Management

Marketing can be so subjective and while a pitch from your new web designer, SEO vendor, or internal staff member may sound good, frankly, you as an executive with little background or experience in these areas, can't adequately assess the risk or benefits of the project and certainly can't manage it because we don't know what we don't know.

Our Project Management option allows you to utilize us to oversee the implementation of marketing or sales projects you'd like to put in place and already have a vendor or internal team to execute on. It allows for a little extra piece of mind and reduced risk, as well as an advisor to better explain certain nuances of the project to you, and to hold your vendors/staff accountable. 



Send us a message and let’s discuss hourly, project-based consulting or project management. An education, some strategy sharing, or another set of eyes may be exactly what you need to take your next steps in confidence.

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