Sales & Marketing Process

Implementation, Execution, & Training

If you know your company needs to optimize how sales & marketing are performed but you're not confident in your team's ability to implement a strategy. Or perhaps you don't have the people resources. Don't worry...we can help. 


Process Implementation & Execution

Not all of the businesses we work with have the personnel to execute on the Customized Revenue-Generating Processes We Design for them.

In right situation, we have the ability to act as the Business Development, Sales, and Marketing Department for your business.

We call this practice Process Implementation and Execution, and in order to utilize this service from us, we require that a full Process Audit and Process Design be completed by A Flavor Of Honey.

Implementation and Execution Contracts carry a 3, 6, or 12-month term and can be a great option for companies who require a limited amount of Business Development and Sales representation for a period of time and need highly-skilled, quality professionals to fill that role.

A Major Benefit of this service is the ability to get High-End Professional Sales Talent for a short term without taking on the risk of hiring on a full-time employee.


For those companies that have a Business Development or Sales Professional/Team on staff, we offer Process Training after a Process Audit and Process Design have been completed.

Process Training can go beyond Sales and Business Development Teams though, to include Service, Administration or Management Staff.

If there are members of your team that need to be better trained communicators and have even a small part to play in the goal of company revenue growth, then our Business Development, Sales and Marketing Process Training may be the right next step for your company. 

If you'd like to explore whether Sales & Marketing Process Implementation, Execution, or Training would be the right fit for you and your company, please contact us by phone or use the form below to send us a message. Thank you. 

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